About Us

On our website xplorehealth.eu, we report on various topics from the fields of health, pharmacy, and medicine. The articles delve deeper into health matters, introduce pharmaceutical products in more detail, or deal with overarching content. Our readers should feel comprehensively advised and informed about their well-being.

How We Work

We follow our goal of making scientific topics understandable. This means: even laypeople should understand the texts and be able to follow the content. Our editors are trained accordingly to incorporate medical insights, studies, or other evidence legibly into the articles. In this way, our readers can not only comprehensively inform themselves about a topic but also grasp tips from various health areas. All editors are always striving to review and improve their working methods if necessary.

Even complex topics should be made tangible through the most understandable execution possible. Our readership is not restricted by age group, gender, or race and should enable diversity.

Our Topics

We always keep an overview of current findings, publications, and events in the healthcare sector. This can involve new products as well as scientific reports from human medicine. Changes related to health policy also play a role. Selected topics are then legibly written into reports or articles and published promptly. Creative approaches and thematic excursions into other areas are also allowed if the article could be relevant to our readership.

Scientifically Based Research

All content and facts should always be scientifically based and correctly documented. In their work, our editors rely on interviews with experts, newly published studies, or reports from various health institutions and medical universities. Detailed research is a prerequisite and enables high-quality content. The working methods for research and implementation of the topics are also recorded in our editorial guidelines. We always strive for truthful execution and are aware of the importance of such a sensitive topic. Therefore, our team is always striving to maintain a high level of quality, check the articles for topicality, and expand them if necessary.

Supported by Medical Advisors

Our editors also work closely with medical advisors. They come from medical circles or hold a position in the healthcare sector. They can be professionals, such as nurses, as well as experts from independent institutes or scientific educational institutions. Our team has been working in the health sector for several years and brings a solid basic knowledge. Furthermore, the articles should always be strengthened with expertise and remain scientifically correct. For this reason, all professional statements are checked multiple times, and the medical advisors support us in this form of quality control. Depending on the topic area, we strive to further expand the team.