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I have a touching story to share with the people of my country. All male and female youths should beware of this sexually transmitted contagious disease named SYPHILIS. All parts of the world today, have had devastating tragedic experiences of many cases of this disease. Reportedly, about five million people in africa had lost their lives. Syphilis is a protracted illness and had spread to different people of consequently, she became sick of different diseases this led her to the hospital. On getting to the hospital, the doctor examined her and discover in her a different and an indiscernible disease which the girl never knew she had. She began to visit different hospitals for proper diagnosis, but this infectious disease began to spread profusely to all parts of the body. As time progresses, the body of the infected girl began to deteriorate, the genitals began to develop unpleasant odor malodorous, this disease was assumed untreatable. The girl and her family members were in total disarray as no reliable treatment was given to the disease. After two weeks of concerted effort, the whole family became devastated. All hope was lost, as the sufferer was not responding to treatment. She nearly lost her life but with the mercy of GOD, A doctor was invited from BAHRAIN who gave a good treatment to the disease and she became well. DR ADANIKE . Thanks for your magnanimity and you can contact him through this process OR +2348140033845 HE IS SO POWERFUL AND HELPFUL TO ALL THAT HAVE THIS SICKNESS


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