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I suffered a life-threatening blood clot just after Christmas 2010. I was initially misdiagnosed at an urgent care facility... my left leg had swollen overnight but most of it disappeared by morning. I was made to feel that I was making a big deal out of nothing, that it was probably just a bruise. I was also told I was at 'low risk' for a blood clot. Less than 24 hours later, the same leg swelled up again and became very painful. Figuring something else was going on, I Googled my symptoms and up popped several links to information about DVTs. I went straight to Euclid Hospital and was diagnosed with a massive left leg DVT and embolisms in both lungs. Less than an hour after that, I was in the ICU and being told if I had waited even one more week, I would've surely died. The doctors tried all there best to save me but it was late and i was on the verge of death when my old friend heard about my plague. He introduced me to a spell caster called DR.DOPEMU he casted a spell and immediately i was felt strange thing working in my body. after 45 minutes, I walked on my feet and the doctors at the Hospital were surprised.... The diagnosed again and the results shows i am physically fit and free to go home.... Thankfully, I survived. The doctors requested for Dr. DOPEMU the spell caster's contact so that he can be helping them whenever they have a patient in a terrible situation like me...... If you have any sickness that you think you can't survive it, or if it's your friend or family. There is a way out for you, with the help of Dr. DOPEMU the spell caster, you have another chance to live again.... Nobody wants to die. Contact him via email:


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