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    In this video, different doctors explain a new project which studies the causes of obesity and diabetes. Its aim is to investigate the relationship between genes and our environment. The study involves a community in southern Asia which shows high levels of obesity, right from pregnancy. 

In this game we invite you to give your patients in a hospital the right treatment so that they can be released. You'll find out more about the diseases they're suffering from (AIDS, type 1 diabetes and breast cancer) and how the different treatments work. 


Content providers
  • Judith Ginesta, 

    MD at CAP Manresa

  • Josep Coll, 

    MD at IrsiCaixa, Hospital de Can Ruti

  • Ignacio Aguilar, 

    ginecologist, Hospital Vall d'Hebron

  • Estrella Baringo, 

    MD, Universidad de Granada

What is biotechnology? What is it used for? How long has man been using live organisms to obtain products useful for human life? What type of therapies has biotechnology brought us in the field of biomedicine?