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early detection

    What are the main factors that increase the risk of melanoma? How can it be prevented? In the video we'll explain a little about the different layers of skin and their function. The appearance of melanoma has been linked to exposure to the sun's rays and the video covers the factors which increase the risk of developing the disease. The percentage of new cases is on the rise and we need to improve protection. 

In this game we invite you to give your patients in a hospital the right treatment so that they can be released. You'll find out more about the diseases they're suffering from (AIDS, type 1 diabetes and breast cancer) and how the different treatments work. 


Content providers
  • Judith Ginesta, 

    MD at CAP Manresa

  • Josep Coll, 

    MD at IrsiCaixa, Hospital de Can Ruti

  • Ignacio Aguilar, 

    ginecologist, Hospital Vall d'Hebron

  • Estrella Baringo, 

    MD, Universidad de Granada