Discussion games: HIV and AIDS

With the collaboration of:
  • Obra Social La Caixa
  • IrsiCaixa
Game to engage in a dialogue | Towards AIDS eradication

In this debating game, young people get the chance to discuss ways to prevent HIV, who has access to treatment and how to overcome the stigma and discrimination of infected people.

In many parts of the world, the treatment is expensive and hard to obtain; even in regions where there is effective prevention and treatment, the mental perception of the risk and social vulnerability can expose certain people to HIV unnecessarily. The rejection and discrimination of HIV sufferers is still very widespread and patients are often labelled as "different" and blamed for this difference.

Want to discuss these issues in class? In this card game, students get into groups of 8 to 12 to talk about the issues on the cards and decide whether they "agree" or "disagree". At the end, the students have to put the cards in order from the ones they agree with most to the ones they agree with least. This order can then be compared between the groups, which will open up the discussion to the whole group.

The game is intended to be played by people aged 15 to 21 and lasts around 60 to 90 minutes.

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