Towards AIDS eradication


With the collaboration of:
  • Obra Social La Caixa
  • IrsiCaixa

How does HIV infect us and how to current drugs on the market help control the infection? In this game you'll have to treat a patient infected with HIV. You'll need to pass all 4 rounds with questions and mini-games in order to control the infection.

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With this activity i have learnt a lot of new things that i didn´t know before, because i thought thta AIDS was a further virus but it´s easier that a tought to spread. I learnt it thanks to the video and the mini-games thta help you to learn things about this virus in a more fun way
In this animation I have learnt how our bodies are infected by HIV and how some different drugs can help to controll the infection. I also have discovered this few before-mentioned drugs which are: Reverse transcriptase inhibitors (analogue and non-analogue), the integrase inhibitor, the protease inhibitor and of course the vaccine.
Thanks to this video about HIV I've learnt a couple things of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus: piercings and tattoos lovers can be infected by it and every person who's infected,has to have about 10 pills per day. It is a very useful video.
Here I could enjoy and learn at the same time about this important disease. This game in quite interesting. Otherwise,themselves, are aimed at a young age, so they are sometimes a bit stupids...
I have learned that there are more ways of getting infected than I thought. I have also learned that not only one type of virus at a specific vaccine is needed.
In this activity, which consits on a serial of mini-games and question, I have learnt a lot of different things about HIV. I learnt things like that everybody could be infected by this virus, how HIV attacks the cells, the things that increase the posibilities of contract it, which is the best way of live with this illness and I also learnt that the HIV is still a disease without cure and vaccination.
With this resource I learnt many things about this very harmful virus. I didn't know many things before I had seen these videos. Now I know how can it be taken, that many people is infected with this virus all around the world and that infected people can live more or less normally only taking some medicines.
In the game about AIDS I learnt many interesting and curious things about HIV. I learnt a lot about reverse transcriptase (are given that name because they act during the conversion process of the genetic material from RNA to DNA through the action of the reverse transcriptase enzyme) inhibitors, DNA, RNA and integrase( thatact on the enzyme responsible for helping the viral DNA to integrate into the cell DNA and block this process) and protease inhivitors and vaccines. I found out that is very difficult to discover a vaccine against AIDS because it has a lot of varieties. In generally, I liked the game so much and I learned from it.

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