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Bon dia

by: JOsep - Category: The biotechnology revolution - May 21, 2013

Bon dia companys del blog interactiu del Xplore!

Es un plaer pasar a formar part d'aquesta bella comunitat interactiva.

Espero que fem bones migues perdius!

Trobo que aquest espai es idoni per poder "charlar" entre nosaltres com a bons colegues. Trobo que podriem fer un grup al "Feisbuk" i un canal de YouTube amb els grans jocs que hi ha a aquesta web.

Ens tornarem a veure aviat bona gent, que ala os lo pague con muchas mujeres.

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I have MS since 1997 and a very hard one (8 internations). So I ddeceid to study how I coudl have it like my friend. So Ib4m okey now, because itb4s all in my thougts, changing them Ib4m healthly good today. I need to feed and cure the nourons. Going to analice your diet. I live in Argentina, South America, speak spanish, sorry my english. Xx

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