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New course on September

by: XploreHealth - Category: Other - April 20, 2012

Active Science Learning: nanotechnology in an Open Lab
This course aims to present and discuss a pedagogical path organized with the 4C/ID instructional design about nanoscience and nanotechnology to be implemented in a school context. From the concrete experimental "hands-on" activities, teachers will gain knowledge, not only about the implementation of the lab experiments, but will also discuss with investigators the future of nanoscience and technology, as well as some "physics behind the scene" principles applied to this outstanding knowledge field. The course will also clarify the interlink between nanotechnology and biotechnology.

Where: Caldas da Rainha, Portugal
When: 3-7 September 2012
Price: 650€ (attendees could apply for a Grundtvig grant)
Language: English
Registration deadline: 27th April
Contact email address:
Restrictions on who can attend: European Teachers interested in nanotech in a school context.

CFAE (Teacher Training Center, Caldas da Rainha, Portugal):
iNANO (Interdisciplinary NanoScience Center, AArhus University):
PCB (Barcelona Scientific Parc):
CENIMAT(National Scientific Research Center):


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