Student worksheets: Is our diet healthy?

Worksheets for pupils | A crisis of fat?

Obesity affects more and more people around the world every day. Concerned about the threat this poses for health in the long term, doctors and scientists are trying to understand why people develop obesity in order to design prevention strategies and treatments.

In the activity guide, we suggest that you learn about the disease and then work in groups on diverse aspects of prevention, related diseases, treatments, research and various ethical, legal and social issues. We also suggest two brief research studies: one at school to determine the incidence of excess weight and obesity among students in your school, and another at home to find out whether your diet and that of the families at your school are healthy. Once you have finished the work, you can use our blog to tell families and the Xplore Health community about your findings.

(We offer this worksheet in an open format so you can adapt it to your needs.)


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