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At the moment we are transferring the contents to the EduCaixa website (, where you will be able to access the different resources from now on.

Temporarily and while the transfer of resources is ongoing, the discussion games, the experimental protocols, the teaching guides and the student worksheets can be found at:

We apologize for the inconvenience and we hope you can continue enjoying our content to bring health research closer to young people.

Living Lab for Health at IrsiCaixa

Lamentamos informarle que la web de Xplore Health ya no está disponible!

En estos momentos estamos trasladando los contenidos ala web de EduCaixa (, desde donde se podrá acceder a partir de ahora a los diferentes recursos.

Temporalmente y mientras se termina de hacer el traslado de recursos, los juegos de diálogo, los protocolos de experimento, las guías didácticas y los documentos de trabajo del alumnado se pueden encontrar en:

Lamentamos las molestias y esperamos que pueda seguir disfrutando de nuestros contenidos para acercar la investigación en salud a los jóvenes.

Living Lab de Salud de IrsiCaixa

Lamentem informar-vos que el web d’Xplore Health ja no està disponible!

En aquests moments estem traslladant els continguts al web d’EduCaixa (, des d’on podreu accedir a partir d’ara als diferents recursos.

Temporalment i mentre s’acaba de fer el trasllat de recursos, els jocs de diàleg, els protocols d'experiment, les guies didàctiques i els documents de treball de l'alumnat els podreu trobar a:

Lamentem les molèsties i esperem que pugueu continuar gaudint dels nostres continguts per apropar la recerca en salut als joves!

Living Lab de Salut d’IrsiCaixa

Xplore Health offers a programme of activities with courses for teachers, experiment workshops and a network of pilot schools.

Courses for teachers

Courses for teachers

The teacher training courses provide:

  • updating in science and bioethics;
  • educational resources that allow the promotion of innovative educational practices;
  • experiment workshops for teachers, which they can later attend with students;
  • reflection on the ethical, legal and social aspects of research;
  • training in the area referred to as responsible research and innovation by the European Commission, namely that developed with and for society.

These courses are offered in attended or semi-attended format.

Experiment workshops at research centres and science museums

The research centres and science museums offer experiment workshops contextualised in current research projects and described in the Xplore Health protocols.

Locations offering Xplore Health experiment workshops:

Domus, A Coruña, Galícia Educaixa, Barcelona, Catalunya Parc Científic de Barcelona, Barcelona, Catalunya Parque de las Ciencias de Granada, Andalusia Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales, Madrid


  • Parque de las Ciencias de Granada
  • Domus, La Coruña
  • Barcelona Science Park, Barcelona
  • Educaixa, Barcelona, Tarragona, Saragossa, Lleida, Girona
    • Laboratory Investigate the HIV / AIDS vaccine
      • In CosmoCaixa BCN: 2nd school term (Tuesday and Wednesday) and 3rd school term (Friday) of the 2018-19 school year
      • In CaixaForum Zaragoza: from February 4 to 8, 2019
      • In CaixaForum Lleida: from January 14 to 25, 2019
      • In CaixaForum Tarragona: from November 5 to 13, 2018
      • In CaixaForum Girona: from February 25 to March 8, 2019
    • Laboratory "Investigate how drugs are developed"
      • CosmoCaixa BCN: 1st school term of the 2018-19 school year
      • In CaixaForum Zaragoza: from January 21 to 25, 2019
    • Laboratory "Investigate the malaria vaccine"
      • CosmoCaixa BCN: 2nd trimester of the 2018-19 school year (Tuesday and Wednesday)
      • CaixaForum Sevilla: from March 18 to 22, 2019 and from April 1 to 5, 2019
  • Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales, Madrid

To participate in the workshops offered by each centre, consult the websites.

Labo CosmoCaixa

Experiment workshops are also offered at Labo CosmoCaixa, which are traveling laboratories with all the scientific equipment and reagents necessary to perform experiment protocols offered on the portal. This initiative facilitates that schools that are not close to any museum or research center collaborating with Xplore Health could also benefit from the hands-on activities of the project.

To participate in the workshops offered by Labo CosmoCaixa check eduCaixa

  • Labo CosmoCaixa. drug development
  • Labo CosmoCaixa. invetigate the malaria vaccine;

    Sana Ment (Healthy mind) Project

    Sana Ment (Healthy Mind) is the first Responsible Research and Innovation project of the Health Living Lab at IrsiCaixa. It is carried out in coordination with the cluster in Catalonia of the Xplore Health educational program, which is promoted jointly by IrsiCaixa and Obra Social "la Caixa", and counts with the collaboration of the European project EnRRICH.

    This project is conducted in collaboration with educators, students, researchers, patient associations and policy makers. It aims to design and implement health interventions for and with students, involving them in research and innovation projects. The methodologies follow the RRI quality criteria and are inspired both in the model of Science Shops and Living Labs, promoted at European level, where methodologies such as community-based participatory research (CBPR), open innovation and participatory governance are applied.

    At the start of the project, the students conducted an analysis of their needs. They chose the topic of stress and depression from a list of health topics and collectively prioritised their main interests in the subject area. In the second phase, to respond to some of the interests identified, various P-RRI projects were designed and implemented with the collaboration of researchers, higher education students, secondary school pupils and teachers. The results were presented in a final congress at CosmoCaixa, where attendees took part in methodologies of participative governance to conclude the project with the co-creation of a final collective product. This product consisted on a decalogue of recommendations (only available in Catalan) on how to promote emotional well-being. These principles were defined jointly with the participation of policy makers and patients’ associations.

    This is a pioneering educational action in science education. The Sana Ment (Healthy mind) project counted with the collaboration of a total of 15 pilot schools in Catalonia and four research centres from different fields: the Living Lab for Health at IrsiCaixa, which is leading the initiative; the Environmental Epidemiological Research Centre; the Health Sciences Educational Research Centre of Pompeu Fabra University; and the Health Sciences Research Group of the University of Barcelona.

    Co-ResponsHIVility Project

    Co-ResponsHIVility is a pilot programme of governance for the eradication of HIV in which more than 660 stakeholders collaborate to define a Research Agenda on HIV/AIDS Prevention. The project is carried out during the academic year 2016-17 under the coordination of the Living Lab for Health at IrsiCaixa and in the framework of the European projects Xplore Health and EnRRICH.

    Co-ResponsHIVility involves health care professionals and researchers linked to the IrsiCaixa Community Advisory Committee (CAC) and other research centers and universities, as well as government policy makers such as the Public Health Agency and the Department of Health of Catalonia. It also involves representatives of the affected community (Members of the CAC and SIDASTUDI) and the educational community (students, teachers and other professionals from the network of pilot schools of Xplore Health in Catalonia). For this project, the higher education community is also included with the collaboration of students coming from the Master in Specialized Communication (UB) and the Master's of Training of Teaching Staff (UPF), coordinated by experts in participation processes for Research and Innovation (R&D) and for R&D governance of the IrsiCaixa Living Lab of Health.

    The project takes place in several stages and begins with the analysis of existing lines of research on prevention at the international, national and local level. The analysis will be disseminated through communication materials designed by high school students and aimed at different communities. Later, the different stakeholders will explore their own needs, prioritize the different lines of research and try to integrate the different results through dialogue activities, in order to elaborate a final agenda of priority lines of research.

    This initiative is innovative because it takes into account the opinion of high school students in the development of a Research Agenda for HIV / AIDS prevention. Over 650 secondary school students and teachers collaborate with masters’ students, two public institutions, three research centers and seven civil society entities. Regarding the topic, more than a thousand young people chose it during course 2014-15 as the second health issue that worried them the most, right after the Mental Health topic (that was addressed with the "Healthy Mind" project).

    In this process, stakeholders, and especially young students, are empowered to participate in the debate allowing them to develop competencies related to communication, collaboration, deliberation and the innovation culture. At the same time, it will also allow them to develop reflection skills around the research process, the ethical, legal, social aspects related to it and the application of the knowledge generated to respond better to unmet need. Finally, it also increases the legitimacy of research and facilitates the knowledge transference.

    Keep up with the progress of the project on the following link:

    Network of pilot schools

    Every year, Xplore Health selects a group of 45 pilot schools to implement and evaluate the portal’s resources.

    The teaching staff of these pilot schools incorporate Xplore Health resources into their teaching practice and also attend seminars on the teaching of research-based science education (ECBI) and others on teaching innovation and scientific updates. It also offers seminars on responsible research and innovation, and the opportunity to form part of participative responsible research projects.

    These schools also have the opportunity to share good practices through an online platform promoted by a coordinator from each project cluster.

    Schools that wish to participate as pilot schools will need to have participated on an Xplore Health course.

    • C.D.P. Atlántida CIDEP, Granada, Granada
    • IES Sierra Mágina, Mancha Real, Jaén
    • IES Francisco Ayala, Granada, Granada
    • Ave María Casa Madre, Granada, Granada
    • IES Zaidin-Vergeles, Granada, Granada
    • IES Alfaguara Loja, Granada
    • IES Juan de la Cierva Vélez Málaga, Málaga
    • IES Virgen de la Cabeza, Marmolejo, Jaén
    • IES Villa de Vícar, Vícar, Almería
    • IES Cánovas del Castillo, Málaga, Málaga
    • IES Alhadra, Almería, Almería
    • IES Alpujarra, Órgiva, Granada
    • IES San Juan Bosco, Jaén, Jaén
    Pilot schools in Galicia
    • José Manuel Viñas Diéguez, IES David Buján, Cambre
    • Margarita Bueno Núñez, IES As Telleiras, Narón
    • Gerardo Cardesín Abad, Hogar Santa Margarita, A Coruña
    • Sol Iglesias Carballo, IES Terra de Trasancos, Narón
    • Mª Pilar Casanova Sánchez, IES Afonso X O Sabio, Cambre
    • Mª Luisa Castiñeira García, IES Rafael Dieste, A Coruña
    • Covadonga Bárcena Debén, IES Manuel Murguía, Arteixo
    • Rafael Rodríguez García, EFA Fonteboa, Coristanco
    • Marina González López, IES Adormideras, A Coruña
    • Mª Carmen Rodríguez Verea, IES Monte Neme, Carballo
    • Mª Carmen García-Gesto García, IES Manuel Murguía, Arteixo
    • Mª José Mosquera Santé, IES Agra do Orzán, A Coruña
    Pilot schools in Barcelona
    • (Àlex López-Duran) / Anna Garriga, Escola Garbí-Pere Vergés, Esplugues
    • Olga de la Morena, Ins Can Peixauet, Santa Coloma Gramanet
    • Marga Soriano, Ins Joan Brossa, Barcelona
    • Mati Morales / Ma Josep Figueras, Ins Francesc Ribalta, Solsona
    • Neus Peris, Ins Montserrat, Barcelona
    • Josep Badia, Fundació Llor, Sant Boi de Llobregat
    • Virgínia Camps, XXV Olimpíada, Barcelona
    • Ma José Miranda, Escola Virolai, Barcelona
    • Eva Rochés, Institut cal Gravat, Manresa
    • Quique Vergara, Maristes Champagnat, Badalona
    • Gloria Díaz, Sagrada Família, Barcelona
    • Loli Díaz, INS de Begues, Begues
    • Xavier de la Vega, Col·legi Sil, Barcelona
    • Carmen Rayas / Mari C. Toro, Escola Projecte, Barcelona
    • Glòria Pegueroles, INS Alella, Alella
    • Esther Soria, Escola Mary Ward Barcelona, Barcelona
    Pilot schools in Madrid
    • Silvia Pérez-Cuadrado Hedstrom, IES GREGORIO PECES BARBA (Colmenarejo, Madrid)
    • María Luisa Vivas Nogués, Huérfanos de la Armada (Madrid, Madrid)
    • Inmaculada Nogueras Tamargo, Beata MªAna de Jesús (Madrid, Madrid)
    • Sonia Villalba Poncet, Santa María del Pilar (Madrid, Madrid)
    • Lucía Florez Fernández- Corugedo, Colegio Zola las Rozas (Las Rozas, Madrid)
    • Mª del Pilar Doctor Roncero, Torrente Ballester (Parla, Madrid)
    • Jaione Pozuelo Echegaray, Antonio de Nebrija (Alcalá de Henares, Madrid)
    • Esther Alonso Nuño, San Miguel Arcángel (Madrid, Madrid)
    • Natalia Ortega Sáez, C.C. EL CATON (Torrejón de Velasco, Madrid)
    • Paloma Sepúlveda Vizcaíno, IES Carpetania (Yepes, Toledo)
    • Catia González Amaya, IES Carpetania (Yepes, Toledo)
    • Raquel Almeida Gordillo, San Pedro Apóstol (Madrid, Madrid)
    • Pilar Martínez Fominaya, Colegio El Catón. (Torrejón de Velasco, Madrid)
    • Inmaculada Jiménez Alba, Colegio El Catón. (Torrejón de Velasco, Madrid)
    • Alexia Rama, Antonio de Nebrija (Alcalá de Henares, Madrid)
    • Vidal Martín Cantalejo, Santa María del Pilar (Madrid, Madrid)
    Pilot Schools in the United Kingdom:
    • Holy Rood High School based in Edinburgh – United Kingdom
    • Greenfaulds High School based in Cumbernauld – United Kingdom
    • Airdrie Academy based in Airdrie – United Kingdom
    • Notre Dame High School based in Greenock – United Kingdom
    • Smithycroft Secondary School based in Glasgow – United Kingdom
    Pilot Schools in Spain:
    • IES "A Sardiñeira" based in A Coruña – Spain
    • IES "Monte Castelo" based in Burela (Lugo) – Spain
    • IES "David Buján" based in Cambre (A Coruña) – Spain
    • IES "MAXIMINO ROMERO DE LEMA" based in A Coruña - Spain
    • IES "Moncho Valcarce" based in As Pontes de García Rodríguez,
    Pilot Schools in Poland:
    • III Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. Marynarki Wojennej RP based in Gdynia - Poland
    • IV LICEUM OGÓLNOKSZTAŁCĄCE im. Komisji Edukacji Narodowej based in Gdynia – Poland
    • V Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. płk. Stanisława DąbkaGdynia based in Gdynia - Poland
    • IV LICEUM OGÓLNOKSZTAŁCĄCE im. Marynarzy Wojsk Ochrony Pogranicza based in Gdańsk - Poland
    • Gdańskie Liceum Autonomiczne based in Gdańsk - Poland
    Pilot Schools in France:
    • Lycée Louise Michel based in Champigny sur Marne - France
    • Lycée Paul Eluard based in Saint-Denis - France
    • Lycée Philibert Delorme based in L'Isle d'Abeau - France
    • Lycée Jacques MONOD based in Lescar - France
    • Lycée Georges de La Tour based in Metz – France
    List of National Coordinators:
    • Spain: Carlos De Paz from La Coruña, a doctor in Biology from the University of Santiago de Compostela, teaches "Microbiology Tests" on intermediate-level ("Laboratory") and high-level ("Laboratory of Analysis and Quality Control") training programmes.
    • France: Laurent Martorell from Paris, who holds a DNL diploma to teach in European schools in English and a degree in Biotechnologies, as well as a master’s degree in Physiology – University of Nice Sophia Antipolis – France. He teaches Physiology and Pathophysiolgy.
    • Poland: Katarzyna Kozłów from Gdańsk, who holds a master's degree in Biochemistry and now teaches biology, ecology, health and social education at a high school in Gdansk.
    • UK: Linda Mc Custer, who holds an SCE 'O' Grade and an SCE 'H' Grade in English, Mathematics, Arithmetic, French, Geography, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. She also holds a BSc in Biology and Geography and an HNC in Computing and is now a science teacher at Smithycroft Secondary School.
    Pilot Schools in Catalonia:
    • Coral Regí/ Ma José Miranda; Escola Virolai, Barcelona
    • Cristina Marfil Verchili; INS Terrassa, Barcelonès
    • Glòria Diaz climent; Escola Sagrada Família, Barcelona
    • Glòria Pegueroles Fontanet; INS Alella, Barcelonès
    • Isabel Varela López; Teresanies Sant Josep, Barcelona
    • J.Gabriel Arce Román; INS Joan Boscà, Barcelona
    • LLUÍS PAGÈS PONS; INS Cabrils, Barcelonès
    • Lourdes García Ribas; INS Montserrat Roig, Barcelona
    • M Francisca Guerola Soler; INS Verdaguer, Barcelona
    • Margarita Soriano; INS Sant Just Desvern, Barcelonès
    • Montserrat Colilles Calvet
    • Olga de la Morena; INS Can Peixauet, Santa Coloma de Gramanet, Barcelonès
    • Santi Ruiz Romero; Escola Betània-Patmos, Barcelona
    • Xavier Garriga Fonts/ Toni Navarrrete; Pare Manyanet, Barcelona
    • Xavier de la Vega Gómez; Colegio sil, Barcelona
    Pilot schools in Galicia:
    • Gerardo Cardesín Abad; Colegio Hogar de Santa Margarita
    • José Manuel Viñas Diéguez; IES David Buján
    • Mª Luisa Castiñeira García; IES “Maximino Romero de Lema”
    • Francisco Dávila Ferraces; IES Moncho Valcarce
    • Covadonga Bárcena Debén; IES Manuel Murguía
    • Xaime Manuel González Ortega; IES Camilo José Cela
    • Juan Carlos Sequeiros Nogueira; IES Breamo-Pontedeume
    • Xaquín Penas Patiño; IES Lamas de Abade
    • Francisco Xabier Caruncho Cea; IES Isidro Parga Pondal
    • Sol Iglesias Carballo; IES Terra de Trasancos
    • Mª Pilar Antelo Docampo; IES Xulián Magariños
    • Cristina López Suárez; IES Sofía Casanova
    • Sandra Parada Nogueiras; IES Salvaterra de Miño
    • Ana Canabal Guinarte; IES Becerreá
    • Mercedes Lamas Otero; IES Poeta Añón
    Pilot Schools in Catalonia:
    • Mati Morales; Institut Francesc Ribalta (Solsona)
    • Maria Casadevall; Col·legi Sant Lluis-Bosch (Begues)
    • Roser Canet; Institut Obert de Catalunya, IOC (Barcelona)
    • Viviana Luna; Col·legi Sant Ferran (Castelldefels)
    • Lourdes Cavada; INS Baix Montseny (Sant Celoni)
    • Anna Viladrich; Col·legi Sta Dorotea (Barcelona)
    • Rosa Marquez; Salesians de Sarrià (Barcelona)
    • Glòria Parareda; Escola Pia Balmes (Barcelona)
    • Christopher Peters; St. Paul's School (Barcelona)
    • Àngels Barbé Martínez; INS Numància (Santa Coloma de Gramenet)
    • Virgínia Camps Franquesa; Institut XXV Olimpíada (Barcelona)
    • Àlex López-Duran i López; Escola Garbí Pere Vergés (Esplugues)
    • Josep Badia Garro; Fundació Llor (Sant Boi de Llobregat)
    • Eva Roches Alibes; INS Cal Gravat (Manresa)
    • Núria Rubio; CE Joan Maragall (Barcelona)
    Pilot Schools in Galicia:
    • Mª Rocío Vázquez Gómez; CPR San José (Pontedeume)
    • José Manuel Viñas Diéguez; IES David Buján (Cambre)
    • Gerardo Cardesín Abad; Colegio Hogar Santa Margarita (A Coruña)
    • Marisa Castiñeira García; IES Rafael Dieste (A Coruña)
    • Sol Iglesias Carballo; IES Terra de Trasancos (Narón)
    • Mª Dolores Blanco Vieites; IES de Pastoriza (Arteixo)
    • Juan Carlos Sequeiros Nogueira; IES Breamo (Pontedeume)
    • Covadonga Bárcena Debén; IES Manuel Murguía (Arteixo)
    • José Antonio García García; Colexio Calasanz PP Escolapios (A Coruña)
    • Cruz Rodríguez Etcheverría; Colegio Santa María del Mar (A Coruña)
    • Teresa Fiaño Fraga; Colegio Liceo La Paz (A Coruña)
    • Mª Ángel Pérez Rodríguez; IES Monterroso (Monterroso)
    • César Gómez Cabanas; Centro Galén (Lugo)
    • Manuel Blanco Peña; IES Universidad Laboral (Culleredo)
    • Mercedes Pena Gómez; IES Río Miño (Rábade)
    Pilot Schools in Andalusia:
    • Mª Angeles Rubio Prats. IES Zaidin-Vergeles (Granada)
    • Jose Luis Rodriguez-Campra Berbel. IES PADRE SUAREZ (Granada)
    • Rafael Moreno Gómez. IES Severo Ochoa (Granada)
    • Susana Martín Salguero. Colegio El Carmelo (Granada)
    • Mª Carmen Vilchez Calvo. Colegio El Carmelo (Granada)
    • Juan Luis Espinar Águila. Colegio Bilingüe CUME (Atarfe)
    • Monica Feriche Fernandez Castanys. IES Alpujarra (Órgiva)
    • Juan A. Segura Terribas. IES Federico García Lorca (Churriana de la Vega)
    • Juan de Dios Bravo Quirós. IES Federico García Lorca (Churriana de la Vega)
    • Manuel R. Béjar Castro. IES Federico García Lorca (Churriana de la Vega)
    • María José Jiménez Pérez. IES Federico García Lorca (Churriana de la Vega)
    • Francisco Manzano Bonilla. IES Laurel de la Reina (La Zubia)
    • Fº Javier Morales Manzanos. Escuelas Francesas S.A.L (Sevilla)
    • Inmaculada Palomo Lozano. Escuelas Francesas S.A.L (Sevilla)
    • Lourdes Dominguez Arguisjuela. IES Santa Barbara (Málaga)
    • Mª del Pilar González González. IES Virgen de las Nieves (Granada)
    • Neus Peris; INS. Montserrat, Barcelona
    • Quique Vergara Gasulla;, Maristes, Badalona
    • Xavier de la Vega;Col·legi Sil, Barcelona
    • Olga de la Morena; Ins Can Peixauet, Sta Coloma de Gramanet
    • Lluís Pagès; Ins Sant Andreu, Barcelona
    • Mikel Martin; Fundació Llor, Sant Boi de Llobregat
    • Marga Soriano; INS Joan Brossa, Barcelona
    • Àlex López-Duran; Escola Garbí Pere Vergés, Esplugues de Llobregat
    • Rosa Martinez-Marquez; Escola Salesians de Sarria, Barcelona
    • Carmen Rayas; Centre Educatiu Projecte , Barcelona
    • Roser Canet; IOC, Barcelona
    • Montse Colilles; INS Sant Pere de Rodes, Sant Pere de Rodes
    • Mati Morales; INS Solsona, Solsona
    • Ma José, Miranda; Escola Virolai, Barcelona
    • Glòria Pegueroles; INS d'Alella, Alella
    • Francisca Guerola; INS Verdaguer, Barcelona
    • Núria Rubio; CE Joan Maragall, Badalona
    • Virgínia Camps; Institut XXV Olimpíada, Barcelona
    • Glòria Díaz; Sagrada Familia, Barcelona
    • Lourdes, Cavada; INS Baix Montseny, Sant Celoni
    Pilot schools in Galicia:
    • Mª Rocío Vázquez Gómez, CPR San José, Pontedeume
    • José Manuel Viñas Diéguez, IES David Buján, Cambre
    • Gerardo Cardesín Abad, Hogar Santa Margarita, A Coruña
    • Mª Jesús Mourazos González, CPI Conde de Fenosa, Ares
    • Sol Iglesias Carballo, IES Terra de Trasancos, Narón
    • Mª Dolores Blanco Vieites, IES Pastoriza, Arteixo
    • Juan Carlos Sequeiros Nogueira, IES Breamo, Pontedeume
    • José Antonio García Gacía, Colexio Calasanz, A Coruña
    • Cruz Rodríguez Etchevarría, Colegio Santa Mª del Mar, A Coruña
    • Teresa Fiaño Fraga, Colegio Liceo La Paz, A Coruña
    • Mª Ángel Pérez Rodríguez, IES Monterroso, Monterroso
    • Cesar Gómez Cabanas, Centro Galén, Lugo
    • Manuel Blanco Peña, IES Universidade Laboral, Culleredo
    • Mercedes Pena Gómez, IES Río Miño, Rábade
    Pilot Schools in Catalonia:
    • Rosa Margarit; INS Cal Puig, Sant Pere de Ribes
    • Mati Morales; INS Francesc Ribalta, Solsona
    • Marga Soriano; INS Joan Brossa, Barcelona
    • Lluís Pagès; INS Llavaneres, Sant Andreu de Llavaneres
    • Carmen Rayas i Mari Carmen Toro; Centre Educatiu Projecte, Barcelona
    • Quique Vergara; Maristes Badalona, Badalona
    • Àlex López; Escola Garbí Esplugues, Esplugues de Llobregat
    • Josep Badia; Fundació Llor, Sant Boi de Llobregat
    • Glòria Pegueroles; INS Alella, Alella
    • Neus Peris; INS Montserrat, Barcelona
    • Olga de la Morena; INS Can Peixauet, Santa Coloma de Gramanet
    • Ma José Miranda; Escola Virolai, Barcelona
    • Glòria Diaz; Escola Sagrada Família, Barcelona
    • Rosa Martínez Marquez; Salesians de Sarrià, Barcelona
    Pilot Schools in Andalusia:
    • IES Mariana Pineda. Granada
    • IES Inca Garcilaso. Montilla – Córdoba
    • CES Cristo Rey. Granada
    • IES Cartuja. Granada
    • IES Profesor Carrillo Salcedo. Morón de la Frontera-Sevilla
    • IES Los Colegiales. Antequera-Málaga
    • EEPP Sagrada Familia. Linares-Jaén
    • IES José Cadalso. San Roque- Cádiz
    • IES Juan de Aréjula. Lucena-Córdoba
    • IES Virgen de la Caridad. Loja-Granada
    • IES Universidad Laboral. Málaga
    • IES Albaycin. Granada
    Pilot schools in Galicia:
    • Jorge Luis Santos Solla, IES Frei Martín Sarmiento, Pontevedra
    • Mª Luisa Castiñeira García, IES Rafael Dieste, A Coruña
    • Sol Iglesias Carballo, IES Terra de Trasancos, Narón
    • Covadonga Bárcena Debén, IES Manuel Murguía, Arteixo
    • Gerardo Cardesín Abad, Hogar Santa Margarita, A Coruña
    • Marta Rúa López, IES Urbano Lugrís, Malpica
    • José Manuel Viñas Diéguez, IES David Buján, Cambre
    • Mª José Mosquera Santé, IES Agra do Orzán, A Coruña
    • José Luis Parada Pol, CPR Calasancias, A Coruña
    • Josefa Mª Santos Regueiro, IES Catabois, Ferrol
    • Manuel Blanco Peña, IES Universidade Laboral, Culleredo
    • Eduardo A. Soto Rodríguez, Colegio Santiago Apostol, Vigo
    • Mercedes Movilla Fidalgo, IES Alfredo Brañas, Carballo
    Pilot schools in Andalusia:
    • Rosalía Alcaina Caro; IES Mariana Pineda, Granada
    • Teresa Merino Viedma; IES Inca Garcilaso, Montilla
    • Juan Manuel Garrido Huete; CES Cristo Rey, Granada
    • Juana María Fuentes Jiménez; IES Cartuja, Granada
    • Ana María Rodríguez González; IES Vicente Espinel, Málaga
    • Ramón Avilés León; IES Padre Manjón, Granada
    • Rocío Álama Cantarero; IES Profesor Carrillo Salcedo, Morón de la Frontera
    • Francisco Javier Ballestero Bayona; I.E.S. Los Colegiales, Antequera
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