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We regret to inform you that the Xplore Health website is no longer available!

At the moment we are transferring the contents to the EduCaixa website (, where you will be able to access the different resources from now on.

Temporarily and while the transfer of resources is ongoing, the discussion games, the experimental protocols, the teaching guides and the student worksheets can be found at:

We apologize for the inconvenience and we hope you can continue enjoying our content to bring health research closer to young people.

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Lamentamos informarle que la web de Xplore Health ya no está disponible!

En estos momentos estamos trasladando los contenidos ala web de EduCaixa (, desde donde se podrá acceder a partir de ahora a los diferentes recursos.

Temporalmente y mientras se termina de hacer el traslado de recursos, los juegos de diálogo, los protocolos de experimento, las guías didácticas y los documentos de trabajo del alumnado se pueden encontrar en:

Lamentamos las molestias y esperamos que pueda seguir disfrutando de nuestros contenidos para acercar la investigación en salud a los jóvenes.

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Lamentem informar-vos que el web d’Xplore Health ja no està disponible!

En aquests moments estem traslladant els continguts al web d’EduCaixa (, des d’on podreu accedir a partir d’ara als diferents recursos.

Temporalment i mentre s’acaba de fer el trasllat de recursos, els jocs de diàleg, els protocols d'experiment, les guies didàctiques i els documents de treball de l'alumnat els podreu trobar a:

Lamentem les molèsties i esperem que pugueu continuar gaudint dels nostres continguts per apropar la recerca en salut als joves!

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Open registrations for the new blended learning course of Xplore Health on vaccination in Catalonia

by: Living Lab for Health - Category: Other - September 13, 2018

Open registrations for the new blended learning course of Xplore Health on vaccination in Catalonia

Registrations to the course "vaccines, key prevention tools" for secondary school teachers and vocational training of Catalonia are already open. The course is organized by the Xplore Health project, jointly promoted by IrsiCaixa and "La Caixa" Foundation, in collaboration with the Department of Education of Catalonia, through the CRP of Badalona. The 40 hours course will be offered in a blended format and in Catalan starting on October 15. Participants will combine the online work with two virtual conferences of scientific update on the vaccine research and with a face-to-face session at CosmoCaixa (c / Isaac Newton, 26, Barcelona), in which they will conduct a lab experiment and a debate session on ethical, legal and social aspects surrounding vaccination.

During the course, educational innovation methodologies will be used to promote inquiry-based learning, problem-based learning, cooperative work and formative evaluation. Participants will use different multimedia resources from the educational portal Xplore Health, such as virtual experiments, videos, multimedia games and discussion games, and will receive an introduction to the Responsible Research and Innovation concept (RRI), Responsible Reasearch and Innovation). The registration period is open from September 12 to 29 and the course will be facilitated in Catalan.

You can find more information and the website to sign up in this link.

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