What is Xplore Health?

Xplore Health is a European educational programme promoted jointly by IrsiCaixa and Obra Social "la Caixa", with the collaboration of the Amgen Foundation, offering interactive multimedia resources so that secondary schools can gain an insight into the latest biomedical research and consider the bioethical implications of the research.

The programme encourages educational innovation through Inquiry-Based Science Education (IBSE), Project-Based Learning (PBL), Group Dynamics and Formative Evaluation. At the same time, it encourages interaction between students and other social actors, so that they can participate as responsible citizens in a knowledge-based society.

The project is carried out via the internet and through a network of pilot schools, research centres and science museums.

Xplore Health presentation videos

short version (1min)

extended version (5min)

Types of educational resources

Multimedia resources

Virtual experiments

conduct experiments online, following state-of-the-art research steps and using virtual laboratory instruments. See an example at: Take part in the research to find an HIV vaccine


Online games

have fun, play and learn about the latest advances in biomedical research. See an example at: Stop Malaria

Have a go!

Scientific news videos

meet researchers carrying out research in different laboratories around Europe and learn about their research projects. See an example at: Reading the book of our DNA

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Resources for reflection

Videos with the views of different experts

compare your views with those of different scientists from around Europe

Express your opinion!

Card games

play, reflect and discuss ethical, legal and social aspects (ELSA). See an example at: Biotechnology and ethics

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Laboratory resources

Experiment protocols

inspired by the current research lines that can be carried out at the schools, museums and research centres that collaborate with Xplore Health. See an example at: Research the HIV vaccine

Carry out research!

Worksheets for students

Guidelines for teachers with recommendations on how to implement the Xplore Health resources in the classroom in order to promote research-based science education (ECBI). The resources are contextualised with current research lines, which deal with the challenges of everyday life. They also promote reflection on ethical, legal and social aspects and interaction with the different social actors. See an example at:
Interview a researcher working on cancer

Xplore Health also offers a programme of activities with courses for teachers, experiment workshops and a network of pilot schools able to participate in innovative educational activities, such as participative research projects.

Aims of Xplore Health

  1. 1 To offer an insight into current biomedicine and science education.
  2. 2 To promote innovation in science education through contextualisation with everyday challenges related to current research, reflection on the ethical, legal and social aspects, research-based education, collaborative learning and educational assessment.
  3. 3 To increase the scientific culture and allow students to take part in research projects and research-based decision making.
  4. 4 To inspire future researchers.
  5. 5 To encourage students to become participative and responsible citizens of the knowledge society.