Worksheet for students

Worksheets for pupils | Vaccines, key tools for prevention

Thank you very much for using our resources. We are working on the worksheet for students on vaccination and it will be available in a few days. Sorry for any inconvenience

Vaccinations help save the lives of 2.5 million children every year. We propose a series of activities so you can learn what vaccines are, what effectiveness, safety and quality tests they must undergo to be approved for use and how their benefits and risks balance out. We also encourage you to get out of the classroom and organise a debate with those around you (in school, at home or in your neighbourhood) involving some of the ethical, legal and social aspects related to vaccination. You can use the educational resources you’re working with and contact a health expert or professional who can help you during the debate and answer questions from the participants.

We encourage you to circulate the results of the debate in the Xplore Health community through blogs and social media (Twitter and Facebook), by mentioning @XploreHealth_es. (The document’s format can be edited to adapt it to the needs of the school.)


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