A crisis of fat?

  • Teaching guides | A crisis of fat?

    Teaching guide

    This document provides information on the multimedia resources (videos, games, virtual experiments) available for this module on the Xplore Health site. For each tool, you will find teaching guidelines and an explanation of how to use them in class.


  • Teaching guides | A crisis of fat?

    Background information

    This document gives an overview of the current situation of biomedical research in this field, including its related ethical, legal and social issues.



  • Worksheets for pupils | A crisis of fat?

    Student worksheets: Is our diet healthy?

    Obesity affects more and more people around the world every day. Concerned about the threat this poses for health in the long term, doctors and scientists are trying to understand why people develop obesity in order to design prevention strategies and treatments.

    In the activity guide, we suggest that you learn about the disease and then work in groups on diverse aspects of...


  • Game to engage in a dialogue | A crisis of fat?

    Discussion games: Obesity

    Obesity is a complex disease involving multiple factors (genetic, environment, economic level, etc.). It also leads to many other diseases. In this game we propose a discussion of the ethical, legal and social issues related to the topic. Do you think people should be forced to treat their obesity? What role should governments play? Which lines of research should we prioritise? Should the...

  • Family history plays a very important role in the predisposition to obesity (and type 2 diabetes). Scientists base their research on the comparison between the DNA of obese and diabetic people with the DNA of healthy individuals; to do this, they need to extract the DNA from the cells. With this protocol, you can extract DNA from your cells quickly and easily.

    This experimental...