Skin cancer exposed

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    Interview a researcher working on cancer!

    In this guide, we suggest interviewing a person dedicated to research on cancer. First you will need to do some research.
    Below you will find different activities for finding out about what cancer is, how it is diagnosed and how it can be treated and prevented.
    When you have finished working on these activities, you will be expert enough to design the questionnaire you will use to...


  • Teaching guides | Skin cancer exposed

    Teaching guide

    This document contains information on the multimedia resources (videos, games, virtual experiments) available in this module on the Xplore Health site. For each tool, you will find teaching guidelines and an explanation of how to use them in class.


  • Teaching guides | Skin cancer exposed

    Background information

    This guide provides background information on melanoma, the most serious type of skin cancer.  Explore all aspects of melanoma from the causes to treatment. Investigate the latest research, and uncover the ethical, legal and social issues surrounding this disease.


  • Game to engage in a dialogue | Skin cancer exposed

    Discussion games: Melanoma

    What is melanoma? How can it be prevented? How is it diagnosed and how is it treated? In this game, you get the chance to discuss the prevention and treatment of melanoma and the role that should be played by government agencies, such as the health authorities.

    How do we play this discussion game in the classroom? Students get into groups of 8 to 12 to discuss the issues on the...