Towards AIDS eradication

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  • Teaching guides | Towards AIDS eradication

    Teaching guide

    This document provides information on the multimedia resources (videos, games, virtual experiments) available in this module of the Xplore Health site. For each tool, you will find teaching guidelines and an explanation of how to use them in class.


  • Teaching guides | Towards AIDS eradication

    Background information

    This document gives an overview of the current situation of biomedical research in this field, including its related ethical, legal and social issues.



  • Worksheets for pupils | Towards AIDS eradication

    Student worksheets: Stamping out AIDS!

    The activities we propose will help you to explore what the scientific community is doing to beat HIV infection, a pandemic currently affecting more than 35 million people around the world. You will learn more about HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, and you will do a virtual experiment simulating how a HIV vaccine is developed. You can then take part in a debate in which you defend your...


  • Game to engage in a dialogue | Towards AIDS eradication

    Discussion games: HIV and AIDS

    In this debating game, young people get the chance to discuss ways to prevent HIV, who has access to treatment and how to overcome the stigma and discrimination of infected people.

    In many parts of the world, the treatment is expensive and hard to obtain; even in regions where there is effective prevention and treatment, the mental perception of the risk and social vulnerability...

  • Experiment protocol | Towards AIDS eradication

    Experimental protocol: Research into a HIV vaccine

    By following this protocol, you can take part in research to develop a vaccine that could be used to protect us from HIV and to help people who are already infected. You will analyse different variants of HIV and a real vaccine candidate from an AIDS research centre using a technique called electrophoresis. You will study whether the vaccine candidate would work against all variants of HIV....