How are drugs developed?

On this page you will find more resources on drug development such as a dialogue game and an experiment protocol based on current research. You will also find a teacher’s guide with suggestions on how to run the school programme and how it fits with the curricula.

  • Teaching guides | How are drugs developed?

    Teaching guide

    This document includes information on the multimedia resources (videos, games, virtual experiments) available in this module on the Xplore Health site. For each tool, you will find teaching guidelines and an explanation of how to use them in class.


  • Teaching guides | How are drugs developed?

    Background information

    This document gives an overview of the current situation of biomedical research in this field, including its related ethical, legal and social issues.


  • Worksheets for pupils | How are drugs developed?

    Student worksheets: Drugs up for discussion

    Do we use drugs responsibly? Does news about research on new drugs create false expectations? Should illegal drugs and alcoholic drinks come with information on recommended doses? With these documents, you will learn more about drugs and the long process of drug development, as well as their related ethical, legal and social issues.

    After learning about these issues, we invite you...


  • Game to engage in a dialogue | How are drugs developed?

    Discussion games: Who pays to develop drugs?

    The process from carrying out research on a new drug until it is finally approved for sale in pharmacies is long, complex and requires considerable investment. This discussion game gives you the chance to talk over the ethical, legal and socioeconomic factors involved in the discovery and subsequent development of new drugs. These include such topics as pharmaceutical testing, investment...

  • Game to engage in a dialogue | How are drugs developed?

    Discussion games: Access to treatment

    What role does pharmaceutical treatment play and how can patients be given access to different types of treatment? This discussion game offers young people the chance to investigate topics such as overmedication, vaccination and alternative or complementary medicine. We'll also be asking you to look carefully at a series of statements and situations related to the ethical and social...

  • Game to engage in a dialogue | How are drugs developed?

    Discussion games: Orphan drugs

    Orphan drugs are medicines which have been developed to diagnose and treat rare diseases. Although they can be beneficial for millions of people, they tend to be expensive both for patients and health systems. Is there an upper limit on what should be invested in a single patient?

    Use this PlayDecide discussion game to talk plainly and effectively about controversial issues....


  • Experiment protocol | How are drugs developed?

    Experimental protocol: Help investigate a drug

    By following this protocol, you can take part in the synthesis of a drug being studied as a potential treatment for Parkinson's disease. Afterwards, you will analyse the resulting product.

    This experimental protocol is the ideal opportunity for you to reproduce an experiment exactly how it is done at research centres. You can do it at one of the research centres and museums that...

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