Rethinking mental health

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    Discussion games: Mental health

    Mental health problems affect up to a third of people at some point in their lives. These problems can have a very serious impact on people's lives and well-being – not only because of the direct effect of the problem but also because of the stigma, lack of understanding and tolerance, employment problems and loss of civil rights that can accompany the problem.

    In groups of 8 to...

  • Alzheimer's is a neurodegenerative disease that affects a person's mental abilities. The patient suffers progressive memory loss and is increasingly unable to perform even the most basic tasks. In the final stages of the disease, sufferers are confined to bed and depend entirely on the people around them. As yet, there is no cure for the disease.

    With this experimental protocol,...

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    Resources teaching guide

    This document provides information on the multimedia resources (videos, games, virtual experiments) available in this subject module on the Xplore Health site. For each tool, you will find teaching guidelines and an explanation of how to use them in class.

  • Teaching guides | Rethinking mental health

    Background information

    This document gives an overview of the current situation of biomedical research in this field, including its related ethical, legal and social issues.