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New version of the Xplore Health’s website is now available

by: Xplore Health - Category: Other - March 21, 2016

New version of the Xplore Health’s website is now available

The Xplore Health project launches today a new version of its website with important technological and design improvements that transforms it into a page that best meets the needs of our users. The renovation makes easier to browse through the web, especially for those users accessing via mobile phones and tablets. The growth in visits from these electronic devices has greatly increased in recent months, due to the proliferation of smart phones and tablets at schools, and to the users’ high interactivity on social networks. Nowadays, the project website receives about 8000 visitors a month, half of which do it through these type of devices.

Among the novelties of this new version, we highlight the new distribution of content aimed at enhance the user experience, facilitating the search of multimedia resources on health promotion, as well as face-to-face activities that the program offers from different clusters located throughout Spain. It has also created a page dedicated to "educational innovation", which explains the model that Xplore Health advocates for in science education and information about participatory research projects carried out in Catalonia. The transformation also includes the conversion of some online games on mobile applications so users can play it on any device.

Regarding the new design, the contents are divided into horizontal strips that help a quick view of the different elements. For instance, the search engine is at the top of all pages with drop down menus for — issues, resources and activities —. In terms of look and feel, the graphic design is inspired by the corporate logo and has been co-decided with a group of high school students who participated in a consultation process.

The website is available in five languages (Catalan, Spanish, English, French and Polish) and all the information is ready to be shared via social media channels. In addition, the blog also offers the possibility to users and schools to share with the entire community those activities that they have carried out related to the project.

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