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Xplore Health launches a new educational module with multimedia resources on vaccination

by: Living Lab for Health - Category: Other - May 11, 2018

Xplore Health launches a new educational module with multimedia resources on vaccination

Have you ever wondered what vaccines are and how they work, what is the balance between the benefits and the risks at the individual and collective level or which tests must vaccines pass in order to be approved? The European educational programme Xplore Health, jointly promoted by IrsiCaixa and Obra Social "la Caixa", launches a new module on vaccination. In this module, there are several multimedia resources that will help you find answers to these questions, they will invite you to reflect on the ethical, legal and social aspects that revolve around this topic and will help you to make decisions based on scientific evidence.

The multimedia resources are aimed especially at secondary and high school students and they are available at this link. You can find an introductory video to the topic, two card games to raise debate around the ethical, legal and social aspects surrounding vaccination and a virtual experiment on the approval process of new vaccines. All these materials have been incorporated into a new lesson plan for secondary school teachers, which facilitates their implementation in the classrooms through Inquiry Based Science Education (IBSE), Project Based Learning, group dynamics and formative evaluation.

The resources of the new vaccination module are also designed so that anyone outside the educational community can also reflect and know in more detail the pros and cons of this practice. It is not always easy to find rigorous information to make informed decisions, and sometimes this generates reluctance, for example among some families when deciding if they want to vaccinate their children.

Apart from these new educational materials, the Xplore Health website also contains other multimedia resources on vaccination that are part of other 8 thematic health modules. For example, you will find virtual experiments where you can develop a new drug, research a candidate protein for a malaria vaccine, or design step by step an experiment to find the HIV vaccine

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