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Xplore Health, an open window to cancer research

by: Living Lab for Health - Category: Skin cancer exposed - February 20, 2017

Xplore Health, an open window to cancer research

What are the treatments available for leukemia today? What is the research being done to find a cure for colorectal cancer? Why is melanoma such a serious disease and which are the main risk factors?

On the occasion of the World Cancer Day on February 4, Xplore Health has listed all educational resources linked to biomedical research in this field that are available in the website of the project:


The “Skin cancer exposed” is one of the eight thematic modules offered by the Xplore Health portal. This module contains an introductory video on the importance of early detection of melanoma, two more explaining research projects to improve the diagnosis and to study its genetic causes, and a fourth on ethical, legal and social aspects of research. Apart from the videos, other multimedia resources are a virtual experiment in which students can do a biopsy of cutaneous tissue and learn risk factors for melanoma, and a video game to detect suspicious moles and to learn about the treatment of this pathology. Finally, the module offers a card game for reflection and dialogue revolving around the ethical, legal and social aspects of research on melanoma. In addition, the module also includes resources for educators facilitating the implementation of the multimedia resources in class through cooperative work, group dynamics and formative evaluation, and at the same time, encouraging the collaboration of students with other stakeholders.

In addition to the resources listed above, the website also offers two additional resources to learn about other types of cancer in a playful way. The first one is the video game "Help me cure Nadia's cancer" in which students can learn about leukemia and the treatment to cure it. The second resource is a virtual experiment called "Research a cure for colorectal cancer" where students perform different laboratory techniques including genetic sequencing.

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