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Xplore Health organizes courses on biotechnology for over 50 teachers from Andalusia and Galicia

by: Xplore Health - Category: Other - February 12, 2016

Xplore Health organizes courses on biotechnology for over 50 teachers from Andalusia and Galicia

El Parque de las Ciencias de Granada and the Domus de A Coruña organize new courses for teachers in collaboration with Xplore Health under the title "The biotechnology revolution in the classroom"

• The courses are organized in February 2016 and along with a scientific update, they offer information on educational resources to discuss the biotechnology revolution in class, as well as training on innovative teaching methodologies as the flipped-class

• Among the participants, 15 schools will be selected in Galicia and Andalusia, to join the network of pilot centers Xplore Health


The Xplore Health project offers two new editions of the course "The biotechnology revolution in the classroom", aimed at Science and Biology high school teachers from Andalusia and A Coruña. The courses take place in February 2016 and are organized by El Parque de las Ciencias de Granada and the Domus de A Coruna, in collaboration with IrsiCaixa and "la Caixa" Foundation. The programme includes a scientific update in the field of biotechnologies and presentations of multimedia resources to work on the issue in the classroom and to discuss the ethical, legal and social aspects involved in the current biotechnological research. At the same time, the courses also provide training in innovative teaching methodologies for the classroom as the "flipped classroom". In total, more than 50 teachers will participate in this initiative.

The course in Granada takes place on 19 and 20 February, and will be attended by speakers, which are professors and scientists from various centers of the CSIC and the University of Granada, with members of the Department of Education of Parque de las Ciencias and specialists of the education field. "Plants to produce drugs," "gene and cell therapy" or "ethical and legal aspects in biomedicine" are some of the topics addressed during the course, teachers will also participate in experimental workshops on biotechnology.

The course in Galicia is held in la Domus de A Coruña and will take place there every Thursday des from February 11 to March 3. Training will include presentations by the director of the Galician biotechnology company Keramat, Domus staff and experts in educational innovation. It will also include a tour to the CIMUS - Center for Research in Molecular Medicine and chronic disease of Santiago de Compostela-, a Center that promotes multidisciplinary research in the field of biomedical sciences.

The Domus and El Parque de las Ciencias also coordinate the Xplore Health clusters of Andalusia and Granada, respectively. These museums establish collaborations with research centres and schools to bring biomedicine to the educational community and to the public. Clusters’ actions not only focuses in actions for teachers, but also promotes experimental workshops for students and moderates a network of pilot regional school centres. Each network counts with teachers from 15 higher education schools, that incorporate Xplore Health resources in their lesson plans, provide data for the evaluation of the resources and share their experiences via a digital platform. To join the network is required first to have attended one of the courses Xplore Health.

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