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Xplore Health travels to Portugal

by: Living Lab for Health - Category: Other - June 20, 2017

Xplore Health travels to Portugal

The Living Lab for Health of IrsiCaixa moderated a session of the annual European Network of Science Centers and Museums (ECSITE) Annual Conference 2017, held this year in Porto, Portugal, on June 16 and 17. During the session, the Co-ResponsHIVility project, developed within the framework of Xplore Health, was presented. This project is one of the experiences that the Living Lab for Health is carrying out to promote collaboration between different societal actors to define research and innovation agendas and community research processes in a participatory way through the so-called Science shops, within the framework of the European project EnRRICH.

The methodology that has been followed in the Co-ResponsHIVility project for the development of a research agenda on HIV prevention, with and for young people, was shared and discussed during the session. Participants were also able to debate needs and expectations regarding collaboration with other social actors, and were aware of other methods implemented to promote the participation of multiple actors.

The speakers of the session were Rosina Malagrida, Head of the Living Lab for Health of IrsiCaixa, Pieter Moerman, director of the University of Twente in the Netherlands, Sara Calcagnini, head of science and citizenship programs at the Leonardo da Vinci Museum of Science and Technology in Milan, and Maya Halevy, director of the Bloomfield Science Museum in Jerusalem and member of the European Hypatia project.

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