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Xplore Health virtual experiments are included in the Go-Lab repository

by: Xplore Health - Category: Other - February 12, 2016

Xplore Health virtual experiments are included in the Go-Lab repository

• The European Go-Lab aims to promote the use of remote and virtual laboratories in classrooms of over 1000 pilot schools


• Eight virtual experiments of Xplore Health have been selected and included in the Go-Lab site, from which will be used by thousands of teachers across Europe



The Go-Lab European project, Global Online Labs Science Inquiry Learning at School, has selected and incorporated eight Xplore Health virtual experiments in its virtual repository. This project aims to gather in a single site many online educational laboratories that promote inquiry, to facilitate teachers to use it often. To achieve this goal, more than 1000 schools in 15 European countries will implement multimedia resources in the classroom and will design teaching units that integrate them over the three-year duration of the project.


According to the project organization, the eight selected virtual experiments have been chosen because of his "good quality" and the "utility" in bridging the gap between biomedical research and schools. The incorporation of these laboratories to the Go-Lab will facilitate its use in hundreds of international schools, which have not yet used it, and will allow new teachers from across Europe to integrate them in lesson plans designed in several languages.


The overall objective of the Go-Lab is to encourage young people to become interested in science, providing them with the skills to conduct scientific research, and to promote scientific culture by performing active guided experiments. To this end, the project also offers a virtual platform where teachers can search remote and virtual labs, in which they can design lesson plans embedding the different phases of the learning cycle.


Xplore Health offers more than a dozen virtual experiments on biomedical research; including topics as varied as developing a drug, producing a pharmacological target and research on AIDS vaccine. You can find all the experiments in this link


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