Discussion Continuum

Jocs de diàleg | Vacunes, eines clau per a la prevenció

Què són les vacunes i quins són els seus components? Quins són els beneficis i els riscs de vacunar-se o de no fer-ho? Hauria de ser obligatòria la vacunació? Aquest joc de debat us dóna l’oportunitat de discutir sobre l’ús de les vacunes i els drets i obligacions que haurien de tenir els diferents actors socials, com ara les famílies o les autoritats sanitàries.

What are vaccines and which are their ingredients? What are the benefits and risks of getting vaccinated or not? Should vaccinations be mandatory? This debating game gives you the chance to debate the use of vaccines and the rights and obligations that various social actors, like families and health officials, should have.

How do you play this debating game? The participants are divided into groups of 8 to 12 players, they debate the sentences written on the cards and they decide how much they “agree” or “disagree”. Each group discusses the cards one by one and decides where to place them between two sheets with “agree” and “disagree” written on them. The various discussion threads generated by the different groups can then be compared to create a final order. The game is designed for people ages 15 to 21, and lasts 60 to 90 minutes.

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